June 17th, 2020 marks the start of Learn to Express, a community service organization dedicated to empowering expression and education in order to create an outlet of creativity and innovation. Nicole Torres is the Founder and Executive Director of Learn to Express. She started this community service organization during the pandemic of 2020. After being stuck in quarantine, she knew she had to take action to help her community during these unprecedented circumstances. During the month of March, Nicole was tutoring children in her community. She had fun teaching these children and watching them slowly grow in their studies. After two months of tutoring these students, she realized that these children were in need of a fun resource in the summer that they would be able to participate in regardless of being at home. She decided to brainstorm ideas of what she could do to help a larger span of kids. That is when Learn to Express came to light. She knew that an organization like this one could illuminate the lives of parents and children, serving as a free resource to keep children productive and enlighten their minds during summer in quarantine. In the next 2 days she made the website, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and applications for Express Instructors and Express Learners to prepare for the first Learn to Express Summer Program. A week prior to the summer program, Nicole's friend Andrea started helping out in this new program and became the Assistant Director. This project was a success and parents asked us to continue. At the end of July, Nicole reached out to SuperIntendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools Dr.Carvalho and received assistance with her organization. Learn to Express is currently partnered with Miami-Dade County Volunteer Services in order to ensure that every program runs smoothly.  After two wonderful programs, Learn to Express is reaching new heights. Now Learn to Express counts on a Team of Executive Directors, Instructors, and Team Members sharing their time to volunteer serving the community. Not only is Learn to Express offering free educational programs with Tutorings and Expression Classes but they offer weekly blogs, a storytelling channel on Youtube, donation drives, and more. 


Nicole Torres

Founder and Executive Director  Learn to Express