Enroll your Kids

Express Learners

 Classes are FREE of charge for Elementary and Middle School children.

Image by Kon Karampelas

Social Media Content Creator: Tiktok

Volunteer to be a Social Media Content Creator and make Tiktoks to promote our  organization.

Hours vary based on participation. 

Become an Ambassador


Volunteer to be an ambassador and promote us through social media.

Hours vary based on participation

Online Teacher
Volunteer to Teach

Express Instructors

Volunteer to be an Express Instructor and share your passions with children virtually. Hours account for planning, preparation, and time teaching. 

Hours vary based on participation. 

Story Book

Content Creator: Storytelling Team

Volunteer to be part of our storytelling team and make videos of yourself reading stories.

Hours vary based on participation. 

Image by NeONBRAND
One time Opportunity

Write a blog!

One time volunteer opportunity and earn 3 hours! Open to Middle School and High School students! 300-450 word blog on the topic of education, expression, opportunities, or personal blogs that may help younger audiences

Volunteer to Design

Graphic Designers

Volunteer to be a graphic designer and make posts for our social media. 

Hours vary based on participation. 

Healthy Blog

Blog Team 

Volunteer to be part of our blog team and write weekly blogs for our page.

Hours vary based on participation.