All About Haikyuu!

What is Haikyuu? Haikyuu is the name of an anime about the sport volleyball. Today I will basically talk about the basic plot point of this anime without giving out major spoilers to those who may want to watch this show. If you ever feel like getting into anime, I highly recommend Haikyuu to watch because, in my opinion, it is a great show to start with. Anime itself has many different types of genres, and if you are an action/comedy lover and wants to get into all of that, then Haikyuu, a sports anime with a profound message, is surely a great choice!

Haikyuu follows the main protagonist, Shoyo Hinata, wanting to become the best volleyball player after seeing an amazing volleyball player on TV. As he works hard to improve his skill, he meets an arrogant, yet talented volleyball player, Tobio Kageyama, along the way. He learns the whole meaning of teamwork and communication in order to help their team become the best after years of disappointment and failure. Hinata and Kageyama had a rivalry during their last year in middle school (which would be considered 8th grade in the U.S., but in Japan, they only have three years in both middle and high school). They went against each other and swore that both of them were gonna become even better than they were before, but as they enter their first year of high school, they both find out that they are on the same team. Not only that, but their high school used to be the best school out there until they fell in the ranks, so they are on a mission to go to Nationals to become the best once again.

In Haikyuu, they actually go in-depth on how volleyball works and the certain team positions there are. In the show, even though Hinata is the main character and the show revolves around his team- Karasuno, the show tends to show you their opponents and show you how they work, as well, in order to get the audience to choose sides and feel bad when the opposing team loses. Haikyuu really keeps it as genuine as possible when it comes to dilemmas, wins, and losses. They actually show vulnerability and give each member of the team their own episode to see how they will better improve themself just like how it is in real life. Haikyuu is extremely popular because of the characters, the plot, and overall the animation itself is so great and it exceeds expectations all the time. So, if you are planning on watching anime, then Haikyuu is something you should definitely watch!

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