All About Minecraft

What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a video game played by many people of all ages. To be more specific, Minecraft is an adventure game where you have to survive in the game and can build whatever you want while exploring new and different biomes in the game. Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011. It has been immensely popular for almost 10 years already!

I've been playing Minecraft since elementary school and still enjoy it to this day. Minecraft, year after year, keeps updating and adding new things to it to keep its audience still glued and interested in the game. Minecraft doesn’t only have different biomes, but they also have many different mobs- or animals/creatures in the game. Minecraft is not only a creative game, it is also a survival game that requires you to keep leveling up your character all the way in order to defeat a dragon at the end of the game.

In Minecraft, as I stated before, there are many different biomes. What are biomes exactly? Biomes are different regions in Minecraft with different color schemes and different items to differentiate them. Biomes separate every Minecraft world into different environments for players to explore and dictate whether it will rain, snow, or neither during the weather cycle. There's a total of 42 different biomes. I know, that is a lot. You aren’t guaranteed to find all of them in one world because some of them are actually quite rare to find.

Unlike the biomes that you can naturally find, there are two places that you can also go to, but you have to make a portal for them. The first one is called the "Nether” which is a place filled with a few more resources and a lot of fire and lava. The other one is called the "End” which is the place you go to, to fight the dragon and beat the game. The only way to go to the "End” is by going to the original world you spawned in and try to find a place called the "Stronghold” which will have a room where you can access the portal to the "End."

There are also a lot of animals in Minecraft. Some of which you can tame and have as a pet! As of right now, there are more than 31+ mobs/animals in the game. The animals that you can tame and keep as a pet are dogs/wolves, cats, foxes, and even axolotls! Minecraft actually came out with a new update recently that has more and better-looking resources and more animals (axolotls and glow squids for example), which genuinely make the game so much more exciting. I hope you guys try out this game if you have never played it before because it really is a lot of fun!

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