Break Down Procrastination

Procrastination is the actions of delaying or postponing sets of tasks until the very last minute, or past the deadline. Procrastination is a complex phenomenon with four primary factors that contribute to it: low self-efficacy, low task value, high impulsiveness and distractions. If you know you're a procrastinator or someone who is procrastinating please understand there are various ways to stop procrastinating. If you are interested in changing please continue reading. Also by taking part of Learn to Express virtual tutoring, we are preparing students to have better time management and better control of your interests.

1) Break Down Into Steps

When you are given any task such as studying for a test or completing a project, break it down into smaller steps. By completing smaller tasks each day before the deadline, you save time and would seem easier than finishing all your necessary work in one day. For those saying, “What if I’m busy on certain days and can’t complete my task?” If your reasons are truly serious you should explain to your teacher and ask to extend your time. No one should ever worry too much about something that would cause great stress and anxiety.

2) Lowering the Bar

Don’t set your expectations too high. If you set your expectations to high, when you actually start you might experience your first block. Sometimes you might experience stress and anxiety even though your task is due a week later. Your brain could give you headaches telling you to do better or just do it later. If you set your expectation bar to high you might not even complete it. That’s why you should lower your bar or standards and you would find yourselves completing your tasks with time to spare.

3) Understand Your Personality Type

Did you ever wonder why everyone is different? It is because of your personality and that’s one of the best qualities everyone has. We are all different and take things differently, for that is our superpower. For example, if someone gives you advice, it might work wonders for one but not for another. That’s why many tell you to make your own paths. If you truly want to change, you have to change according to what you want. Even as you continue reading, maybe these tips won’t work for you but gives you an idea on what you should do. Now, a big part of optimizing your own life, whether that’s productivity or study habitats, diet, exercise, or anything else is to first understand yourself.

  • Overall if you want to change, change at your own pace

  • One major thing I really want to express is creating your own path

  • Take some time to create a plan on how you want to complete your task and I can promise you, you will find extra time to hang out with your friends or just relax

  • Be grateful for what you have accomplished because for every task there is always a reward either its a grade of 100% or even a party after graduation

  • Just focus on what you set yourself, you can do anything if you just believe in yourself

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