BTS and Why I Enjoy Their Music

BTS is a band under the label Big-Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE Entertainment) from South Korea. They debuted in 2013 with their first single being “No More Dream.” Coming from such a small entertainment label that was harshly criticized and underfunded, the members of the band fought through thick and thin to gain the respect of Korean artists within the music industry, as well as create a name for themselves. The band consists of seven members: Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. These talented young men have risen from the ground to fame and continue to pave the way for the Korean music industry (in this case specifically, K-pop). I adore this band and their music for several reasons!

One of the reasons why I love BTS so much is because they are true artists in several different aspects. Take their music videos as an example. In every single video, the visuals are perfect to a T, and so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the theme of the song. While all songs are poetry, their lyrics are very purposeful and resemble silk but in the form of words. All members of BTS can sing and dance, and some can rap. The members of BTS hold many talents. LIke Jungkook, the youngest of the group, knows how to draw along with Taehyung, the second youngest. Jungkook can also direct and shoot videos and he has done in the past. All of the members write their own lyrics to their own songs. Some of them can even play instruments, which I find highly impressive. I appreciate their abilities with all my heart.

Another reason why I appreciate BTS so much is because they have a song for almost every vibe. In almost all of my playlists, I have at least one song made by them. BTS does not have a designated style, and I admire their capability to be versatile. At concerts, they would often perform energetic and lively songs that make you excited like "So What," "Anpanman," and "Wings." After songs like these, the concerts would close with sadder and more heartfelt beats such as "Young Forever," "The Truth Untold," "Crystal Snow," and "Magic Shop." I love the deliverance they have made for different genres. While I do enjoy the more emotional songs like "Sea," and "4 o’clock," my favorite songs are "HOME" and "Just One Day" and they always have been.

Lastly, I love BTS because they are profoundly humble. While they are celebrities, they never fail to remind the world that they are people too. BTS are down-to-earth individuals, who appreciate the love and support they receive from ARMYs (the fanbase) on a daily basis. They recognize the struggles of life and incorporate that in their lyrics which provides so many stories behind their music. They are advocates for self-love. Having albums called Love Yourself, they created an era that was able to encourage fans to love themselves while BTS themselves was learning to do the same thing. When I found BTS, I was going through tough times myself. I love how their music makes me feel so uplifted and joyous. Their music brings the fandom closer, and they glue us together as if we were one jumbo family. I will always support them for what they’ve done and for what they continue to do. Their “humanity” also correlates with their goofy personalities. They often star on shows including their own “Run: BTS” on the platform VLIVE where they play fun games and win prizes. Being able to see them have fun and indulge in peaceful activities is liberating and I love how they remind us they are normal too. I love their humor and how they are so capable of making people laugh and smile.

Even though they sing and rap in another language, I refuse to make that a barrier that separates me from listening to great music. BTS are great artists who continue to dominate the music industry, even outside of Asia and K-pop. They not only pour their hearts out in their lyrics but also to the world like fighting for equity amongst minorities (especially since they are minorities themselves.) Their songs hold so much value to me. So please don’t be afraid to try something new once and a while; I did around 4 years ago and I’m glad I did! It’s never too late to look them up on YouTube or Spotify, and if you do, make sure to stream their most recent singles "Permission to Dance" and "Butter" on all platforms!

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