Dance as Expression

How often do you listen to music? Do you tap your feet to the beat of a feel-good pop song, or try some fancy footwork when your favorite rap artist comes on?

Whenever, wherever, however, doesn’t it feel good to move your body and release your mind for a little while?

Dancing is often seen as a skill that has certain prerequisites, like being able to do a double handspring or having a sense of rhythm. Not the case, what a good dancer needs is a desire to dance.

Hearing people talk about dance, most assume that dance either encompasses only ballet or breakdancing. In their own genres, very respective types of dancing due to the massive amounts of strength and stamina exhibited; but if you are not familiar with either, that’s more than okay! Dance is not meant to be boxed in, the most common type of dance between people is lyrical. When your favorite song comes on and you know all the words, you start to feel something in you. Joy, pain, anger, sadness, confidence, whatever! The desire to move is really the only requirement to be a dancer.

From line dances, to coffee grinders, to pirouettes; we may not all dance the same way, but emotion is our universal language. So as long as you’re moving, the world moves with you.

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