Do you want to be more productive?: Here's how

It is very true that school can be overwhelming and we can sometimes forget the assignments we need to do.There are two ways to get rid of this problem: you could write your assignments down and/or set reminders on your mobile device.

You might be wondering: Well,what if I lose the paper I wrote my important assignments on? I wouldn't recommend writing assignments down on a stray paper. You should use a planner or agenda.They provide plenty of space like a notebook and include calendars so if you have a test coming up you can write it down. You can find planners at almost any retail store such as Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree etc. Checklists are useful too. If you would prefer to set a reminder on your phone there are plenty of apps that you can download that act as checklists.

Now that I've explored the two ways you can get rid of the risk of forgetting homework assignments let's talk about what you should do to be better focused. You should sit in an area that's quiet and clean. Being in a noiseless environment decreases the risk of distractions therefore, you can focus better. The reason I added clean is because if the area is cluttered and unorganized you'd lack space and you'd probably be distracted by the mess.

Now this suggestion might not be for everyone but if you really want to get things done and in on time I would suggest waking up early. Maybe an hour before class. The earlier you wake up the more time you have to get assignments done but make sure you eat breakfast before you dive into work. Keep in mind that you don't have to wake up early to be productive.

Do whatever works for you.Whether that's using a planner or app on your phone to remember assignments or having an designated area for schoolwork.

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