Dominican Republic: The Perfect Place to Visit!

What is the Dominican Republic? The Dominican Republic is an island in the Caribbean with some of the most beautiful scenery tourists have ever seen. People usually go to the Dominican Republic for one specific city on the island called Punta Cana. Punta Cana has a lot of popular, beautiful beaches and resorts. A very famous resort there is the Nickelodeon Resort. But the reason I wanted to talk about the Dominican Republic is that other than Punta Cana, there are many other places to look at and explore on that island. I also have personally visited that island many times since I have family there.

Something I can never get over in DR (Dominican Republic) are the mountains. In Florida (which is where I live), we don’t really have any mountains, so going there to see the mountains and so many farms is genuinely overwhelmingly amazing. I find nature really pretty and DR has many beautiful places where nature takes the spotlight.

The capital of DR is Santo Domingo and it is probably the most modern city in all of DR. By this I mean that there are many buildings and infrastructure that you would usually see in city-infested places like New York City. Speaking of which, if you ever choose to visit DR please be careful of the streets. It's extremely dangerous as there are barely any traffic lights so people tend to drive much too fast for comfort.

Let's now talk about the poverty side of DR. The town my family resides in is called La Vega and there isn’t much electricity there. By this, I mean that there was a specific time in the day where the electricity would come and go. So, there would be a time where there wouldn’t be any air conditioning during the night. It was quite difficult, but honestly, because of this, I am glad to say that it kept me humble since I’m so used to being in AC 24/7. And having WiFi that only sometimes works has made me appreciate the little things in life and be grateful for the things around me. The Dominican Republic is overall a great place to experience so many amazing things.

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