Expose Yourself to New Things this Summer!

Because we spent most of our time social-distancing and doing online school, most of us are stressed and tired. But as summer approaches, we have more time to spend with our families and loved ones. This is also the perfect time to enjoy our free time away from responsibilities like schoolwork. Developing hobbies is a good way to spend your new free time. Personally, I enjoy photography. Taking pictures around my neighborhood brings me a lot of joy. Your hobbies could include a multitude of things, whether it be playing video games, reading a book, or baking.

This summer I highly recommend trying new things. These can include, making a new friend, listening to a new genre of music, trying new foods, etc. An app that has exposed me to new things is Pinterest. There are many arts and crafts options to choose from and try. My personal favorite craft is origami plants & miniature animals. All you will need is colorful construction paper and maybe a pair of scissors.

Another recommendation is to start journaling. Journaling is a great way to keep track of your thoughts and express your deepest emotions. It is also a way to start getting to know yourself better. Journaling is also known to improve mental health and help you make better decisions. Journaling can be fun if you take the time to decorate the pages as well. Make it unique; add doodles, stickers, or anything else that can motivate you to continue journaling.

All the activities I have recommended are super fun, relaxing, and affordable. There is no need to leave your room or home for these. Hopefully this summer you can try new activities and gain some type of skill or knowledge from them!

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