Healthy Ways to Deal with Negative Emotions

Updated: May 28, 2021

What are negative emotions? A negative emotion is any feeling that causes you to feel miserable and sad. These emotions or feelings can make you dislike yourself and others. It can also affect your self-esteem and confidence. It can actually worsen especially in the situation that we are all in as of right now. Examples of negative feelings are hate, anger, sadness, jealousy, and loneliness. Everyone deals with their emotions in different ways, so the tips I’ll be showing are the ones that have been said by scientists, and tips that have helped me personally.


According to many scientists, when dealing with certain emotions, like anger, for example, finding an outlet- like exercise can actually help a lot! By this, I mean that if you’re not feeling good and overwhelmed by certain things going on in your life, try doing some yoga. It helps clear the mind and lets blood flow through your body. As some say, it relaxes the body, mind, and even your breathing. If yoga isn’t your style though, then go out and do some jogging! Getting out of the house (in a safe manner of course) will induce a change of pace and get you to forget those feelings that you were having before.


Now, you probably might be a bit confused about this, but hear me out: when I say “food”, I mean healthy foods or maybe even any food that brings you comfort. “Comfort Food” as some put it, is like your favorite food that has a lot of good memories or emotional attachment. For example: If I feel sad, I would eat yogurt or ice cream because it feels nice to eat and it is like a distraction to whatever I am feeling at that moment. Some people (like me) tend to eat their food while watching a comedy of the sort since it makes us happy and provides comfort for our well-being.


Music is probably the best coping mechanism I can possibly recommend. Whenever I just need a break from school, stress, homework, just anything- I listen to music. It is such a great way to just breathe and calm down just listening to the sounds and lyrics behind every single song that plays. And the best part is: it doesn’t matter what song or genre you listen to. Whatever genre that you prefer, will most likely work for you!


Finally, discussing your feelings to other people. It's not healthy to keep what you are feeling inside. Because doing that is what causes some people to have such negative feelings. And if you don’t really like talking to people, then I suggest writing it out once in a while because it feels really good to get it off of your chest. I personally like to talk it out with my friends since most of them understand me and can give me advice on how to have better peace of mind.

I genuinely hope this helps whoever might be reading this because mental health is super important. An additional message for those reading this: I’m very proud of you. You can get through this. I know school is tough and all, but you got this! It shouldn’t matter what it is, I have hopes that you can tackle any problem thrown at you!

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