Hobbies for the Summer

With schools coming to an end, breaks starting, and summer creeping up on all of us, you may be wondering what to do during this long break. Well, traveling to different countries is a difficult option, and there are many limitations that come with that, so here are 7 activities and hobbies that you can do to keep you entertained this summer.

1. Try out some new recipes that you haven’t tried before!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with recipes and even come up with ones you have never even thought of before. Whether it is a dish, a dessert, a drink, or anything, it can become your new specialty item to cook! You can even serve it to your family and maybe help out with meals every once in a while.

2. Read a book!

Well, this one seems like a generic hobby that everybody talks about. But since there’s so much time this summer, might as well be adventurous and try a new genre of book or catch up on reading something that you have been planning to read, but just never had the time to before. Even trying a reading group can be cool to get new book recommendations along with talking and discussing topics within the book with your reading group.

3. Go on a movie marathon!

If you love watching movies, this one is for you! You can do a movie marathon in the comfort of your own bed. Since COVID-19 is still around, if you can’t do it with your friend in person, you can have a movie marathon virtually using FaceTime or other forms of video chatting! Some classic movie marathon series to watch are Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney movies, and horror movies.

4. Start a blog!

We cover blogging on the Learn To Express blog already, but blogging throughout your summer break can be a good way to destress and get your thoughts out! And you can use it to document the summer you had so that you can look back on it and see how you spent your time.

5. Go on a hike outdoors!

The sunny weather is perfect to go outside and enjoy the fresh air as well. Most lockdowns are starting to end which means you can spend even more time outside rather than being stuck inside in your house for the whole summer. If you’re allowed to, you can even meet your friends outdoors!

6. Start painting!

Even if you don’t have that many artistic abilities, you can still try painting. Painting has been proven to be stress relieving and therapeutic. If freehand painting is not your style, there are options like paint by number sets that you can do and it can even be a great activity to do with friends!

7. Play some sports!

Going outside is great on its own but you can even join a sports team and play all summer long. You can join sports teams for indoor and outdoor sports to stay physically active throughout the summer instead of not moving and staying home all day long on computers and devices.

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