How Model UN has impacted Veronica Famadas?

Hello everyone! My name is Veronica Famadas. I am a senior at International Studies Preparatory Academy and the Director of Marketing for Learn to Express. I’ve always been a big advocate for teaching children how to express themselves, not only artistically, but with public speaking and debate. 

I have been involved with Model United Nations as an extracurricular since 9th grade, and it has helped me grow so much, as a writer, a student, and overall an individual. I had always been very awkward in social situations, especially with unfamiliar people, but had found social studies and international relations to be very interesting. One day, I saw that my school was having club openings in the fall and I came across “Model UN”, where students would pretend to be country ambassadors and solve real-world issues and travel to different colleges and compete.

Early Beginnings

When I first joined the club, most of the students were also new like me, which helped me be more comfortable with the people in the club. After multiple competitions each year, I learned more and more about Model UN and grew as a public speaker. Speaking in front of 20 to 100 unfamiliar teenagers was definitely a challenge, but it was so beneficial in the long run. I have been able to become more comfortable and outgoing in new settings, and now love meeting new people in conferences! Joining this club freshman was an amazing opportunity that I’m eternally grateful for all the competitions and the people who helped me excel in my speeches.

Starting my own nonprofit

Because of my passion for Model UN, I even began my own nonprofit 2 years ago that would host our own local conferences and donate all our proceeds to underprivileged elementary school students. If you ever feel awkward and shy in a new setting and want to try to become a more outgoing, well-rounded person, I suggest taking lessons in something new, such as dance, singing, or maybe even a speech and debate class with Learn to Express!

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