Olivia Rodrigo and Her New Album: Sour

Who is Olivia Rodrigo? She is a new aspiring musician who is also an actress. Most probably know her from her role of “Paige Olivera” on Disney’s “Bizaardvark” which was a show about two girls who become famous vloggers and tell stories about all of their hijinks. By the time you read this, her new album: “Sour” had probably just come out. I already listened to the album and all I really have to say is that Olivia is amazing and she has genuine talent! Her album appeals to teens who have gone through heartbreak and the feeling of being lost. She tells these stories in her songs which make them ten times more addicting. Olivia has gotten so much attention that her fanbase is growing and spreading like wildfire! Everyone on TikTok just never stops mentioning the album since its debut. The most impressive part is that ”Sour” is her debut album, yet, it has already passed well over millions of views in her videos and music streams. The best part- Olivia is only 18 years old and has successfully propped up her career to the stars. If you like listening to songs that you can relate to, then I suggest listening to her new album. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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