Self Motivation: How to motivate yourself to do homework?

Feeling unmotivated? We've probably all been there before. But there are many ways you can get to the finish line. Which is completing that homework assignment. Do you want to know how to motivate yourself? Keep reading to find out.

Listen to music

Some people find it helpful to listen to calming or upbeat music while they do their  homework. Some people like myself can't concentrate on their work while music is playing. Personally, I like to listen to upbeat music before I do my work. As a result I'm pumped up and ready to dive into my work. So evidently it depends on your concentration or preference.

Set goals

   I know setting goals definitely helped to motivate me. For example, you could set a goal to make straight A's that semester, which I've done in the past and is currently  working on as well. The actions you may have to take to achieve this goal are studying and completely all your homework. Or you might just want to improve one grade. It doesn't matter if the goal is long-term or short-term, thinking about what you want can give you that push to get things done. Like right now, I'm trying my best to complete all my assignments in hopes of getting into my dream college.

Think about the consequences 

   It might help to think about what will happen if you don't do your homework. You might get a zero on the assignment and that may bring your grade down or you might miss out on important content. These consequences can hinder you from achieving your goal of for instance improving your grade.

Reward yourself 

  After all the hard work you put out you deserve something that you enjoy. Whether that's watching a movie or treating yourself to a snack. I usually reward myself by looking at YouTube while I eat a snack. If you enjoy the outdoors you might wanna go outside and look at the beautiful sky, the nighttime is the best to do this since it's cooler in my personal opinion. Either way it shouldn't be all work no play.

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