Stress Management Techniques

Everyone gets stressed out, it’s a natural thing to feel stressed sometimes. Many people have different ways of their own to cope with stressful times but it is easy to feel lost. Here are some stress management techniques.

  1. Drawing and colouring. Drawing along with colouring has been proven to help people calm down and relax them more. Grabbing your favourite colour pencils, colouring book, and sitting down in a quiet space is a perfect way to relax your nerves, and also you end up with a beautiful piece of artwork! Drawing is an expressive way that you can let your feelings and emotions out. When stressed, it is important to not hold things in so let out all your feelings into the colouring book!

  1. Yoga or meditation. Whenever thinking about relaxing, yoga is one of the first things that comes to mind. This is because the continuous breathing you practice when doing yoga can help you relax your tense muscles. It can help clear your thoughts and put your mind at ease. It can be great to do yoga or meditate in the morning or right before bed to either start off your day or end it on a relaxing note!

  1. Singing or dancing! When there are too many thoughts in your head sometimes you just need to blast your favourite song so you can dance and sing it out! Having an up-tempo song is key so that at the moment you feel energized and excited. Sing at the top of your lungs or dance your heart out. Having a rush of happy hormones can have a de-stressing effect on your brain, therefore, improving your overall happiness.

  1. Go for a run outside. It is shown that getting fresh air and exercising can help manage your stress. Going outside and thinking about nothing at the moment can really help with stress relief and help you feel more calm and centered. Getting fresh air can also help you be more focused and think more clearly which can help you make better decisions that hopefully won't stress you out as much.

  1. Starting a hobby. Whether it be knitting, taking care of plants, baking, or cooking, doing things that help get your mind off things that are stressing you can help your mental health as well. Self-care is important and being stressed all the time isn’t really self-care. If you find the right hobby for you can help you have a creative outlet. Having that can be your own little place where you can be yourself and do all the things that make you happy!

Remember not to let things stress you out too much! Remember to take time for yourself and try a couple of these stress management techniques. Don’t take life TOO seriously and make sure to take care of your mental health because that is your priority!

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