The Importance of Prioritizing & Taking Breaks

Having a lot to do can be overwhelming at times, and it’s completely normal. But the important thing is that you learn how to deal with it. One way of dealing with a heavy load of tasks is to prioritize! Prioritizing consists of breaking down all of the things that you need to do and organizing them by how important they are. At first, this may take a lot of time, and seem like all of the tasks are equally as important. But as you evaluate each task and think about it, you will be able to identify the more important ones. Once you prioritize your tasks it is easier to see what to get started on first! Doing this can also help act as a to-do list for you to visualize all of the things you have to do and have it ranked in order of priority. And in the case where you aren’t able to finish all of the tasks that you have for one day, prioritizing allows you to have completed the most important and urgent things for that day. Therefore making all of the difficult and crucial work out of the way. This makes your work so much more time effective so that you aren’t wasting time doing less important things when you could be doing the more important things.

Prioritizing can help you complete tasks in a more efficient way. Like I previously mentioned, it can act as a to-do list. When you have a clear list of things to do and complete, it makes it easier and gives you more motivation to complete them. Therefore making you work even more effectively. Ticking off the things you completed from your to-do list gives you a sense of satisfaction that helps motivate you to do the next thing, then the thing after, and the thing after. Before you know it, you complete everything on that list. Prioritizing your work can also help you be more productive. Doing the most in the time you’re given is always a plus and by prioritizing, you can do that.

But another thing that is important to remember is that you need to take breaks. We are humans, not machines, and we need breaks in order to work to our best ability. That’s why it is crucial to take breaks even when you feel like you can go without one. This is because if you push yourself to the limit and step over the limit, you could burn out. When you burn out, it makes it even harder to find the motivation to be productive and do the things you need to. Burning out can make the easy tasks seem hard and the hard tasks seem almost impossible so it’s best to avoid burnout.

Taking important and meaningful breaks can help as well. A five-minute break of you staring at your phone is not an efficient break, and it probably won’t even help you feel any more motivated than you are. Instead, you should try things like going outside and getting some fresh air to clear your mind for a couple of minutes. Or getting healthy snacks to provide your brain and body with the energy to function can be helpful too. You can’t run on an empty stomach and it will just distract you from focusing on your tasks if your body is constantly asking for food every couple of minutes. Listening to your favourite song or turning on your favourite playlist for a little while can help you get the break you need and relax a bit. But make sure that you are moving around during this break to get the blood pumping in your body.

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