Ways of Showing Appreciation Towards Your Teachers

Whether you are back to learning in the classroom or virtually on your computer, your teachers have been all working their hardest to make learning as easy going and beneficial as possible. Sometimes we can take the jobs of our teachers for granted. It is important to recognize that at the end of the day they will continue to do the most in their part to stimulate your mind, shaping you into the smart student you are today. No matter what, you can always show your appreciation for your teachers whether it is in a small comment or grander gesture. I am certain that reminding our teachers of their importance will make them feel appreciated.

Giving a Verbal Message Before or After Class

By conveying your kind words and gratitude for someone verbally can be a great way to express your thoughts. Before or after class are reasonable times to do so.

A simple “I am very thankful to be a part of your class this year” or “you are a great teacher” are wonderful statements to share. You can even reference a favorite part of class. If you want to compliment your teacher for being so kind and caring, be specific with how you wish to thank them.

Here are some more examples of phrases to use as a starter for what you choose to say:

  • “I appreciate everything that you have been doing for our class to make sure everyone is doing the best they can.”

  • “You have made even the rough times seem brighter.”

  • “My favorite part of your class is ___.” You may even suggest doing this thing more often.

  • “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do.”

  • “Teachers like you are making the world a better place.”

  • Your own personal message you would like to share!

Any statements such as mentioned above that get your message across are bound to put a smile on your teacher’s face and make them feel loved.

Make a Card, Video-Message, Song, Dance, etc.:

If you feel that you are a more creative kind of student or feel like speaking to your teacher is not enough to get the point across you might want to add your own personal touch!

Here are some ideas based on what kind of personal touches you can add:

  • For the visual artists, you may create a piece of art that captures your emotions within.

  • For the writers, write a card or letter to your teacher or write a story for them.

  • For the singers and musicians, you can perform a piece for them and send a video.

  • For the dancers, choreograph a dance to their favorite song.

  • For the rafters, create a fun kind of card to give to them.

  • Do whatever it is that makes you happy and wish to share with your amazing teachers!

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