What I Did This Summer!

I can say for certain that I had a very simple, yet enjoyable summer. By "simple," I mean that every summer, I always leave the state to visit a different country and visit my overseas family. But this summer, I stayed home with my mother. It may sound very boring, but I didn’t actually mind it at all. Staying at home really had me appreciating more of the life I am currently living in. Staying here gave me the chance to actually spend time with my friends and other family members who live a bit closer to me.

My mother and I went to Jacksonville to visit one of her cousins and her family. Her husband and I played a lot of video games together and all of us ate food together as a family. We watched many movies as well. We even went to a science/history museum where we learned a lot about certain things here in Florida. We even did a scavenger hunt and won a golden ticket with a cool dragon on it!

After my mother and I left Jacksonville, we went to the airport to pick up my sister and grandmother who actually left the country to visit the family I mentioned earlier. A few days later, My sister, mom, and I went to Orlando for a few days so we could go to Animal Kingdom at Disney World. Animal Kingdom was the only Disney park in Florida that I hadn't visited yet, and it was so much fun! We woke up early to go to the park and tried to go on a lot of the rides and see most of the attractions. Of course, since we are still in a pandemic, my family and I paid attention and respected the guidelines. My favorite part of that whole experience was going to this petting zoo they had there. They had many pigs, goats, cows, and donkeys! After leaving the park, our feet were so sore from all the walking. When that whole adventure ended, we went back to our hotel room and chilled for the rest of the day. Then, we went back home.

This prompt was to show everyone that just because you decide not to go anywhere for summer, doesn’t necessarily mean you still can’t have fun. As long as you make the most of everything, everything will still be great!

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