Why band is the best?

Let’s talk about band. You’ve seen bands in movies, either marching or concert band. With those big night football lights, and the band playing in the background. But what is it really like? Let me tell you. Band is kinda like those in the movies, but even cooler with just the right people. With just the right people anything can be fun. 

The thing they don't show you in movies is band camp. Band Camp can be from a week to three. It’s where all the vets meet the new incoming people. It’s a place where we learn everything, play games, communicate, do drills, and practice our halftime show. This is where all the fun is at. We spend the whole day together, so now that COVID hit, I realized that band camp is really important. Not only for the band itself, but for you as well. Through band camp you get to express yourself intirely. You can be your crazy self, your fun self, the shy self, but you won't be shy after band camp that’s for sure. No matter how you express yourself, you will fit in. I gurentee you. I think that’s what’s really awesome about band. You get to express yourself in band camp by hanging out with people who are just like you, and by the time school comes, its like you know everyone, you feel comfortable, and you feel like a cool kid. 

The self expression doesn’t stop there though! We still have football games, and basketball games to talk about.  That’s where you show your inner ✨rage✨. Rage as in screaming at the top of your lungs, but having fun at the same time. That sounds weird but very much true haha. The band is practically essential to football and basketball games. without us, a big portion of the stands will be empty. Without us, the rivalry games are not as fun or even have the same energy. We play loud, we do moves while playing, and we light up the game. Look at us as a spirit squad, but not at all like cheerleaders. We are much cooler than that. Band has many ways you can express yourself. From band camp, football games, your love for music and laying your instrument, to meeting your people. It’s where inner you, can finally be you. 

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