Why expression is so important to Jessica Ramirez?

Expression is something I wish I would’ve learned more about when I was younger. I have been in band since I was in fourth grade. Playing my flute, trying to hit notes that I couldn’t even play! I loved it, my older brother was in band so I decided to follow in his footsteps.

Even though I was in my school's band, I didn’t know I was somehow learning how to express myself. I didn’t even know what expression was!

Expression is how you decide to show who you are to the world. How you love yourself for who you are. That can be in many ways. Playing an instrument, singing, dancing, cooking, it could be anything that you love to do. Once you learn to express yourself in awesome, fun, and cool ways, you start to love yourself, and find yourself at an early age. Everyone changes as they grow up. They mature, they become wiser and they learn new ways to express themselves. You see, expression is key. Without it, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

I went through many activities and clubs to find myself. To finally be happy with myself. I was in band almost half my life, I did soccer, I did wrestling, I did cross country, I did many things. Some of them didn’t last, because I didn’t grow to love them. If I would’ve known about wrestling when I was small, I would’ve loved it sooner. If I would’ve done any of the activities I did, I would’ve been one step closer to who I am today.

Now I express myself in many ways. In how I dress, accessories, what I do in my free time, and small hobbies. Over the summer I even picked up skating, and baking with my siblings. Just because you fall in love with one thing, doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with more. I hope you find the many ways you decide to express yourself, and I hope you have the confidence to do, and be who you love to be.

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